CalWave’s Corporate Social Responsibility and commitment to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

CalWave’s mission is to secure the fundamental right of access to affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity and freshwater for coastal populations. Both are an instrument of peace and security in our world aligned with the UN SDGs. CalWave is committed to secure this mission in a sustainable way because we believe it is our responsibility to ensure our impact is positive.

“Business and organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Their relationship to the society and environment in which they operate is a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively. It is also increasingly being used as a measure of their overall performance.” – ISO 26000


CalWave’s mission is aligned with and facilitates several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click here for details on the UN SDGs.


UN Sustainable Development Goal 7:

CalWave’s primary mission is to provide clean renewable energy generated from the ocean waves.

Click here for details on UN SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy.


CalWave offers a solution to generate renewable energy from ocean waves to reduce emissions related to electricity production. Wave power represents the largest renewable resource that is currently completely underutilized with the technically feasible potential to provide up to a third of our electricity demand world wide.

Click here for details on UN SDG 13 – Climate Change.


Cities located on coastlines represent the major target of global migration. E.g. in the U.S., 50% of the population lives within 50 miles of the coast. CalWave’s solution operates fully submerged utilizing an energy dense resource such as wave power that has an annual average energy density depending on the location that ranges from 20-60 kW/m of coast line. This allows to be located closer to end users located in coastal cities and communities.

Click here for details on UN SDG 11 – Climate Change.


Below is a list of most recent public reports on environmental assessment and acceptability of marine renewable energy (MRE) systems:

  1. Annex IV State of the Science Report: Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy, 2016.
  2. Pacific Region Marine Renewable Environmental Regulatory, OWET, 2017.
  3. A Review of the Environmental Impacts for Marine and Hydrokinetic Projects, 2016.
  4. US DOE Report to Congress on the Potential Environmental Effects of MRE, 2009.

Click here for details on UN SDG 14 – Life Below Water.

SDG9CalWave offers a solution to generate decentralized renewable energy from ocean waves to generated electricity facilitating local manufacture and infrastructure.

Click here for details on UN SDG 9 – Infrastructure.

SDG6CalWave’s solution can provide process power in form of pressurized salt water to facilitate sustainable desalination.

Click here for details on UN SDG 6 – Clean Water.


CalWave’s solution facilitates sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent local jobs and a better quality of life for all. Its implementation helps to achieve overall development plans, reduce future economic, environmental and social costs, strengthen economic competitiveness and reduce poverty.

Click here for details on UN SDG 12 – Sustainable Production.