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CalWave’s wave-powered technology harnesses the renewable potential of the ocean’s natural energy. Through award-winning innovation, we’ve created cost-effective solutions that enable clean, reliable, and affordable electricity and freshwater production.

Our highly efficient, scalable solutions provide homes and businesses on rugged coastlines and islands with power for on-site use or for export to the electric grid.

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Comprehensive Services

Digital Twin

Our virtual replicas allow for data analysis and systems monitoring

Performance Improvement

We continuously evaluate to ensure for optimal efficiency and performance

Predictive Maintenance

Our technology prepares clients for all maintenance needs

Site Assessment

We conduct region-specific investigations and provide decision-making materials that identify potential risks and uncover need

Following Deployment of Our xWave in San Diego

"CalWave’s long-duration deployment is a novel open water demonstration of a wave energy technology with active load management features. WPTO is pleased to recognize this accomplishment as a major milestone for unlocking the potential of wave energy from our oceans and providing access to clean energy for the growing blue economy in the US.”

— Jennifer Garson, Acting Director of the US Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO).