The xWave Series

CalWave’s xWave transforms the motion of ocean waves into electricity to equip communities of scale with localized power.

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Scalable Innovation for Clean & Local Electricity Generation.

Our xWave™ architecture is built on the game-changing industry advancements in which CalWave was awarded for through the US Department of Energy’s Wave Energy Prize. No other wave energy technology has high efficiency and wave load mitigation united in one design.

The xWave™ achieves highest efficiency by operating:

Fully Autonomously

Our novel geometry control mechanism allows for the geometry of the absorber body to change to harness waves in all sea states.

Fully Submerged

This enables protection from aggressive swells and storms, while also allowing energy capture from multiple degrees of freedom.

Key Features


Scalable in both design and functionality, energy farms that utilize the technology can supply coastal communities with anywhere from 100 kw to over 500 MW of local power (for the x100 model).

40%+ Capacity Factor

The xWave™ achieves a minimum 40% capacity factor alone. When co-located with offshore wind, far greater capacity factor can be reached.

Lasts for 20+ Years

Devices are projected to be able to withstand over 20 years of use in open-ocean.

Designed for 100-Year Storms

Devices are built to survive 100-year storms using our unique load
management mechanisms.

O&M Occurs on Surface

Operation and maintenance processes occur on the surface via hot-swap capabilities.

O&M Predicted to be Cheaper than Offshore Wind

Due to intentional design and no high-rise crane requirements, incurred costs are also lower than that of offshore wind.

Acceptable Environmental Impact

The technology has been deemed to have an acceptable environmental impact according to the latest State of Science report.

Patented Technology

The patents are owned by UC Berkeley - CalWave has exclusive access to these rights.

xWave Products & Applications

CalWave X100

Isolated Microgrids
Island grids
Remote communities



CalWave X800

Utility Scale
Wave park farms
Colocation with offshore wind farms