Inflation is at a record high, driven in large part by skyrocketing energy costs. Unfortunately, to resolve the ongoing energy crisis, some leaders are suggesting we suspend global intellectual property protections and return to an era of Washington micromanagement — both of which will thwart researchers and entrepreneurs’ efforts to identify long-term solutions to today’s energy shortage.

In reality, our best — and perhaps only — shot at meeting our world’s energy demands rests with the innovators working tirelessly to bring early-stage university research to fruition in a grueling commercialization environment. Selling our entrepreneurs out to strategic rivals by voiding their IP rights hampers the global energy race, and jeopardizes our planet’s health in the process.

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, the Bayh-Dole Coalition hosted a webinar to learn from prominent clean energy entrepreneurs meeting the energy challenge head-on by commercializing university research under the Bayh-Dole system. They discussed the essential role tech transfer and IP play in fostering a stable energy transition — and they will offer an inside look at the incredibly risky commercialization processes they must navigate to bring breakthrough products to the world.”

Tune in to watch the recording featuring our CEO and Co-Founder Marcus Lehmann here.