In June 2017, the Energy Department of Energy awarded CalWave a multi-million award to test and validate CalWave’s award-winning wave energy converter (WEC) technology in open water. The test’s goal is to demonstrate wave energy’s potential to compete with other forms of energy in the longer term. Through open water testing, CalWave will validate and update estimated costs for a full-scale version of its technology.

From official press release:

“Research and development in MHK technology will let America develop new water energy resources that can provide reliable electricity close to load— be it a remote village, major city, or distributed application, like forward-operating military bases or subsea data centers,” said Alejandro Moreno, director of the Water Power Technologies Office. “MHK also provides an opportunity to develop new energy markets and create jobs.”

CalWave’s vision for 2030 is that wave energy provides 20% of our energy supply.