We all know the saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That’s the case with one technology developer in California, that is working to create a new device – powered by waves – that will make ocean water safe for human consumption. 

“I’ve always been motivated by solving the most pressing problems society is facing,” says Marcus Lehmann, PhD, co-founder and CEO of the technology development company CalWave Power Technologies, Inc. “Access to drinkable water has been recognized by the United Nations in its sustainable development goal #6Solving this problem is well aligned with the CalWave mission.”  

In 2019, Dr. Lehmann and his team learned about a prize competition being offered by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) called “Waves to Water Prize.” Through the competition, DOE intended to spur development of new small, low-cost desalination devices powered by the kinetic movement of waves. 

CalWave, a long-time member of the National Hydropower Association, decided to join the competition and has its sights set on the grand prize. The company is now competing with 9 other teams, each of which is building a desalination device. All 10 devices in the competition will be judged in 2022. “

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