“The recently deployed xWave™ wave energy prototype, developed by U.S.-based company CalWave Power Technologies, has served as a platform for several environmental research operations led by PNNL’s Triton initiative.”

Read the full story by Amir Garanovic via Offshore Energy here.

CalWave remains committed to ensuring that our technology is socially, environmentally, and economically sound. We are deeply grateful to PNNL’s Triton team and Integral Consulting, Inc for collaborating with us to collect empirical environmental monitoring data from our San Diego pilot. By collecting this data, we seek to provide stakeholders with a better understanding of potential impacts associated with marine energy systems. These field tests of both visual and acoustic monitoring instruments will provide valuable insight into our wave energy converter’s effect on underwater habitats.

Our xWave™ pilot unit is continuing to operate successfully without any downtime off the coast of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The demonstration is expected to run through March 2022. For updates, please subscribe to our mailing list here.