California’s first in water wave energy devices emerging

California’s first-ever in-sea study of marine wave energy is now planned for 1000 feet off the pier at the Scripps Research Institute of Oceanography in San Diego. CalWave, a private company that emerged from the US Wave Energy Prize  initially inspired by the UC Berkeley seafloor carpet and with support from Cyclotron Road and others, is now to take a leading role in the California industry. The initial carpet idea led to work on submerged pressure differential devices, said Marcus Lehmann, CEO and co-founder of CalWave, in an interview.

Currently, the pilot is scheduled to hit the water in 2021. The demonstration device to be tested is intended to be a scaled version of CalWave’s utility scale architecture and will be offered to he market for applications in the blue economy such such as aquaculture farms and applications that require access to power and data in remote locations offshore. This is thought to be the first in the ocean test for wave energy in California by Ramsey and others interviewed.”

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