In fall 2020, CalWave had the honor to be selected to join Greentown Labs.

Greentown Labs is the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America.

A Community Committed to Climate

Our members, our partners, and our staff are united by a common mission: solving the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration. Whether you’re a startup founder or a policymaker or an investor or a corporate executive, this is the place where you can take climate action.

Our community wants to change the way people think about, engage with, and use energy. We want to change how we build our buildings, how we get around our cities and towns, how we grow our food, how we manage our water.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs in the climate battle. And we’re confident that when combined with support and amplification from corporates, politicians, private citizens, and others, climatetech startups will drive progress.

We aim to be the leading hub where people from all over the world congregate to work toward the shared goal of a sustainable, renewable future.

As a member, CalWave had the honor to present at the Greentown Labs’ first-ever Climatetech Summit.

Greentown Labs’ first-ever Climatetech Summit brought the climate ecosystem together to engage across what we see as the pillars of climate action—technology, finance, policy, and justice—discover groundbreaking startups and their climatetech solutions, learn from industry experts, and forge the connections needed in order to take meaningful action on climate.

Here the event summary:

How You Can Take Climate Action Now: Insights from the 2020 Climatetech Summit