In January 2019, CalWave received an additional multi-million dollar award by DOE to build a commercial scale drive train.

This development is taking place in parallel to our ongoing open water demo awarded in 2017.

“Advancing next-generation marine energy will help the U.S. ensure a secure, reliable, and enduring supply of American energy,” said Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes. “These early-stage research and development projects are key to the development of water power as part of DOE’s ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy.”

As a global leader in marine energy research, DOE supports its potential to provide reliable power at grid scale, expand the resilience of our nation’s energy systems, provide economic development opportunities, and revitalize coastal and port infrastructure.

Controls and Power Take Off Design Integration and Testing

  • CalWave Power Technologies, Inc of Berkeley, California will improve on its sub-scale prototype by integrating a new control architecture to improve costs and efficiency.